Date #2

Are You Stone or Plastic?


#2 What beliefs would you like to have magically removed from your 15-year-old-self's mind?

#3 What one piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Don't forget to spend a few minutes looking at some of yesterday's role models. Look at those Instagram accounts, or do a google image search for 'plus size models' or continue with your collage. It is important that Cavebrain gets used to seeing these glamorous, positive images on a daily basis.

The Buzzfeed article with funny examples of children's beliefs:

The article with examples of brain plasticity - the sea gypsies etc

What Participants Said...

Cindy said: I used to believe that fairies were real. I even made little gardens for them! The one piece of advice I would give my 15 year-old self is to trust your instincts - becaus ethey are good - and don't change yourself for anyone.