The Magic that is Scripting

Scripting is planning how things will turn out.

It differs from planning.

Planning says: I will go for a walk at 2pm today

Scripting says: I am going to plan a walk at 2pm today and I am also going to plan how great the experience will be.

This is more than wishy-washy positive thinking. It can be incredibly powerful if you can develop the right mindset.

Look at this example script:

Things To Note About This Script

#1 Note that it is written in the future. I always date stamp my scripts (I would write tomorrow’s date at the top)


#2 Some of the points are about instructing yourself to do very specific things (take 15 min for breakfast, plan 3 more exercise sessions)


#3 Some are about instructing yourself to feel a certain way


#4 The last point is optional. You can ignore this if you like, if you do not believe that putting an intention out for someone else to do something has any impact at all on reality. HOWEVER I have found that writing scripts about things you seemingly have no control over can actually impact your reality.


#5 You can highlight certain words and phrases after you have written everything, like I have in pink. I did this intuitively and randomly.


#6 Not everything you script will happen. However, many things I script happen, even if there is a delay. For example in May 2019 I scripted meeting a man and having a mad passionate romatic weekend with him. This never happened, but at the time of writing (June 2019) I did get chatting to someone last weekend and there was definite flirting going on.

This sort of result I find very interesting and it says to me “You are becoming more aligned with having a new relationship. There is more to do around being open to this and allowing it. Keep scripting. Stop comparing yourself to your friends who get asked out regularly.”

This anecdote also has an important lesson hidden in it: you need to script things that are believable to your subconscious. Clearly my subconscious found the idea of a mad romantic weekend too out there, because I have been single for a good few months now. It did bring me something more low key. So work with what life brings you, even if it is not what you scripted!

UPDATE The weekend after the 'definite flirting' evening, I went out again and bumped into an old friend, and after a few drinks I started flirting with him. All I will say is that this was not the end of the evening! 😉


#7 The most powerful way that scripting works I have found is with specific instructions. In this example that means it would be easier than otherwise to slow down for breakfast and diarising next week’s exercise.

The best proof that scripting works is to try it!

Turbo-charge Your Scripts With Theta Affirmations

This is an unbeatable combination!

(See this page for a reminder of what theta affirmations are)

You are instructing both your conscious and subconscious minds to do and feel what you want to do and feel.

A good practise for this is

#1 Write the script

#2 Say the feeling parts of the script as present tense statements, eg “I am relaxed” while listening to the theta audio

#3 Optional: You could read your script out as a future script eg “I can’t wait to take 15 minutes for my breakfast tomorrow”

#4 Optional: decorate the script like I have.

#5 Next morning, read through the script and if you like repeat step 3.

(I often script in the morning for the day ahead, because I am more of a lark.)

Other Ideas

Scripting Farther In Advance
Once you have tried scripting a day ahead, why not think bigger and do this for next week, next month, or December 31st of this year???

Scripting For Other Goals
This is completely possible. More income, better relationships...the world is your oyster!