Notes for Roadtesters

A few things to remember...

#1 If you know of anyone else who might benefit from following The BCP, please let me know. It is very important that at this stage anyone trying the BCP out does it through me. Please do not just pass on one of the exercises to a friend like you would a blog post. It is extremely important to me that anyone who accesses this transformative material is willing to give me feedback. That is why it is free at the moment. The BCP has changed my life and I know how valuable it is going to be to the women everywhere.

Thank you in advance for respecting my wishes on this point.

#2 We all lead busy lives. You do not have to do every date every day, but please do your best and take advantage of my extra help via the check ins, which will be available for no more than 31 days . If a date feels too challenging for any reason just skip it and tell me you skipped it. That is very useful info to me!

#3 Please feel free to let me know any typos you see


#4 I will ask you for feedback at the end. Complementary sessions and check ins are on offer if i can turn your words into testimonials.


#5 If you feel this project is not right for you (and it is not for everyone) just let me know.