Date #15


How are you doing at this half way stage?

There are 3 review questions to think about at this half way stage.

This video goes through them, and I have also written them below.

Here is the link to the original questionnaire

What To Do On This Date

Journal your answers to the questions below and then commit to your one action to optimise this project for yourself. Put that action in your diary, and/or add it to your practices tick sheet


First of all, go back and look at what you wrote in response to the the Where Are You Now? questionnaire 2 weeks ago.


Do you feel any different now? Journal how.


What Needs Optimising?

*Increase how many BCP dates you do this week to 6

*Meditate or listen to a relaxation audio every day

*Do your daily practice at the same time

*Increase physical activity 20% this week

*Remember to do She Looks Great every time you go out - put a reminder in your phone

*Actually buy that full length mirror

*Finalise the details of your Big Date on day #30

*Remember to do Katie Face at least 5 times each gym visit

*Revisit the motivation page to make activity more enjoyable

*Do 1 posture exercise every time you are waiting for the kettle to boil

Remember: you don’t have the luxury of negative thinking

Enjoy the brilliant Shappi Khorsandi...