Date #17

It's Quiz Time!

First, watch this video: 

Resilience, Not Safety

We will be looking at healthy boundaries tomorrow in date #18 

What To Do On This Date

Quiz on Cavebrain

Have a go at this fun quiz on Cavebrain. Scroll down to the foot of the page  to see the answers.

Which of these is NOT a question Cavebrain is always asking itself?
A Am I in immediate danger?
B Does the tribe accept me?
C Where can I get the latest edition of Vogue? It’s every woman’s bible!


If Cavebrain was a person with a job, what would that job be?
A Paranoid security consultant
B Bouncer
C Sprinter
D Both B and C


You’ve just finished your physical activity for the day. You feel AMAZING. What is Cavebrain thinking?
A Good. That was 200 calories you burnt.
B Fantastic! Look how well you could fight or flee if you happen to meet a sabre-toothed tiger. I see how well you can handle yourself. Great, I’ll relax then.
C Maybe I am more attractive now.


Meg stands on the scales and sees that she has gained two pounds. She is devastated because it is diet club weigh in tonight and the group leader is sooo strict. What does Cavebrain think?
A Oh no! You’ll never be thin, Meg
B It goes into red alert because it interprets Meg's upset as:  she is not accepted by the tribe.
C Chill out, Meg! It’s only a number on a scale.


How does Cavebrain want you answer the question How are you?
A I look great
B I look great
C Either A or B

Optional Extra Activity

A good way I have found to apply this 'resilience not safety' approach to Cavebrain is to help inform my motivation for physical activity.

If I ever feel my effort is flagging, I remind myself that Cavebrain really really wants to develop as much resilience as possible. I have not put this into practise physically - ever (I am not one for fisticuffs). However, I do recognise that Cavebrain really loves feeling that I can get stronger.

So your action step is do some physical activity today and say to your Cavebrain: Look, we can handle ourselves. See if you feel any different. Let me know!

Tomorrow we are going to look at healthy boundaries as a way to show Cavebrain you are resilient. This is where the vast majority of women can do amazing work to calm their Cavebrains down and really start to relax and enjoy empowered lives. I can't wait to share all that with you! 

Quiz Answers

#1 C


#2 D

The bouncer represents the fight / being able to handle yourself function and the sprinter represents the flight function of Cavebrain.


#3 B


#4 B.

Not (A) because Cavebrain does not care how much Megan weighs. She is the one in charge of what meaning she gives to the number on the scale. And not (C) because it would never tell Meg to chill out because it is constantly interpreting any stressful thoughts we have as instructions to go into red alert.


#5 A, B and C.  Actually this week I almost said this in response to How are you? from a male client. Not recommended!

And Now For Something (not so) Completely Different...