Date #7

Cavebrain, Relax!

Today we are going to get Cavebrain to relax.


Well, remember those 2 questions Cavebrain is always asking itself: 

Question 1: Am I in immediate danger?

Question 2: Does the tribe accept me?

The last two dates have been about telling Cavebrain that the tribe does indeed accept you.

Today is about telling Cavebrain that you are not in immediate danger.

It is highly likely that you are in a state of low-level chronic stress (i.e. it never really feels resolved). This is like carrying a neon sign that says CAVEBRAIN! DANGER 24/7! NEVER, EVER RELAX!

Therefore part of this project involves managing that stress. You need to proactively find every opportunity to relax and tell cavebrain it can have a bit of time off.

What to Do On Your Date Today

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed and listen to this 11 minute audio:

Continue with the She Looks Great exercise whenever you are out, and your Instagram experiment or body confidence board.