Date #6

How to Motivate Yourself to Do More Activity


Motivation Tool #5: Temptation Bundling

Temptation bundling is basically bribing yourself to go to the gym/take that walk/go for a run/do your workout at home by listening to (or watching) something really enjoyable. I invented this ages ago, before I realised that a professor somewhere had also done the same and called it temptation bundling. There is more information about it in this episode of The Eating Coach:

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If you are stuck for ideas of things to listen to as your reward, then here is a suggestion. It is my favourite This American Life episode and absolutely hilarious!

I will add more to this as they occur to me.

Motivation Tool #6: Theta Work

If you have chosen the coaching and check in option for The Body Confidence Project, we will cover this in your first coaching session if you have not already experienced it. It is by far the most powerful and easiest to implement motivational hack I know of.

Motivation Tool #7: Check Ins

If you have chosen the coacjing/check in option for The Body Confidence Project, then try a week where you check in on the days you have planned physical activity. Clients find it a very effective motivator!

Was all that quite hard work? Ok, so here's a bit of light relief...