Meet Your Cavebrain

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have read the What is Cavebrain? page

before listening to the story about Lyle below


You thought Cavebrain was hidden in the deep dark depths of your brain, didn’t you? That we can only guess at its intentions via educated guesswork?

What if I told you we have a interview with Cavebrain?

Call it a date if you like!

Well, I do (sort of).

More accurately, this is the story of one man called Lyle who has let Cavebrain completely take over his entire personality. We hear some gems from Lyle himself. My personal favourite is is his vigilance button.

First of all listen to the story here, which is called The Overprotective Kind, and is part of an episode of the podcast This American Life:

In a minute, I'm going to discuss with you some of my thoughts about how Lyle is symbolic of Cavebrain.

Here are the questions I am going to discuss with you.

If you like, journal your answers to these questions: 

Q1:  How is Lyle symbolic of Cavebrain? What ways is his protective behaviour OTT?


Q2: How are you like Lyle? How have you let your Cavebrain run amok in your life?


Q3: If Lyle represents Cavebrain, then what does his wife symbolise?