Date #5 

Ideals & Effort

It is so important that in this Rumspringa to we define what physical ideal we would like to strive for.

Take a moment now to think what ideal you have been striving for up until now.


Culture's Ideal

As discussed in the meaning of the body section, culture is telling us that the physical ideal to strive for is this:

Be less


Be thinner. Make more of you disappear. You can keep your boobs but no tummy. Look like a woman half your age.

A More Cavebrain-Friendly Ideal

We need to develop a more healthy, cavebrain-friendly physical ideal.

I think this ideal is the following:

To be as strong and resilient as possible.

To feel strong and resilient every day.

To accept your body as it now and use that acceptance as a healthy foundation for striving towards being stronger and more resilient.

To feel sexy and safe.

To allow your man/men you choose to appreciate your body in a way that makes you feel good.


Do you have any more descriptions of the physical ideal we could strive for? I will include them on this page.

Developing Physical Resilience

Increase your physical effort. I use this word very deliberately instead of fitness, because that will be a big F word for many people's Cavebrains.

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