"I Look Great!"

This is a follow on exercise from She Looks Great

When you have started to automatically find more women who look great that you would not have accepted previously, it is time to do yourself the same favour.


Harriet says: (After a few weeks of Rumspringa) I have been working on and off on this for quite a few years, but the last menopausal 12 months or so had seemed to have taken me back to ground zero. However, I was really pleased to catch a glimpse of myself in my mirror and my eyes focused on my waist, not my tummy. 

It is not 100% it needs to be done every single time I pass a mirror. Work in progress, definitely.

Rachel said: After the She Looks Great exercise, I then practised standing in front of the mirror with my 5 year-old and saying 'Lookin' good!' I even wanted to tell someone in the street they looked great the other day!