Potential Pitfalls

One of the strengths of this project is also a potential weakness.

I created it partly for myself, and I feel this is a huge strength in that I cannot rely on the 2 dimensional idealism that I see so many self-proclaimed thought leaders indulge in. “You’ve got to change the story you tell yourself” “Embrace discomfort” they all proclaim, leaving the rest of us bewildered, and wondering: yes, but you don’t say how.

I hope that the highly practical nature of the BCP avoids this and allows you to stand up to your old unhelpful ways of thinking.

I have to recognize that creating a product that sprang out of my own needs has a downside, when that product is about body confidence.

The downside is that if you are a woman who dates women, the BCP risks being too hetero-centric for you.

For example, none of the role models in date #1 are gay. (I couldn't find anyone who fitted the bill for that exercise...any ideas???)

And for me to do the She Looks Great thought experiment (date #3) is, I imagine, more straightforward than for a gay woman. I do not have to take any personal preferences and tastes into account.

Although there is only one date out of the 30 that focuses explicitly on body confidence and dating men, I can imagine that there are other times when the activities become potentially irrelevant or more complicated if you are not heterosexual.

I will openly admit that I probably am blind to these pitfalls.

This is a problem I would dearly love to address, and I need some input to do that!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email me:  info {at} theshiftinside.com or use the contact form here. I would be happy to offer you any of my other products as a thank you for your time and wisdom. There is Freedom From Sugar, Natural Antidepressants or The Anti Binge Toolkit (no longer publicly available).