Date #16

The Clothes Expedition

Important: Both She looks great! and mirror work are both important foundations for doing this date. 

In this challenge, you go to various clothes shops and try items on. You take a selfie of everything you put on.

For 1 million bonus points, say I look great in the mirror each time.

That's it. There is no pressure to buy anything or even find something that you think looks gorgeous on you.

The point of this exercise is to accept yourself.

If you cannot do this one today, then put a day in your diary that you can do so.

What To Do Instead If You Really Don't Want To Do This Challenge

What if you have a conflict-filled history with clothes shopping and know that this will be really hard for you?

The answer to that question is:

Do it anyway

If you have been doing the She looks great challenge and have started to see other women's bodies as more acceptable, then I believe that you are ready for the clothes expedition.

I have a long history of unease in the changing rooms, and as you can hear below I was pretty scared before I started this expedition.

But I did it anyway and was pleasantly surprised.

You might be too!

In the audio below there a couple of ideas about how to modify this for yourself if you feel super nervous.

My Clothes Expedition

I am going to lead you step-by-step through the clothes expedition I did in June 2019, 2 weeks into creating this project. 

On the next page are my selfies and my recording of how I felt mid-expedition.

But first,  here were my thoughts before I set off:

Audio 1 of 2 

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Click here to see some of my selfies and hear me talk about how it turned out