Elijah O'Donnell

Day 4

The Food Rebel’s Guide To Ending

Binge and Stress Eating


Opening Exercise: The Energy Breath


Stress and binge eating (AKA compulsive eating, chaotic eating) are the same thing. To eat like this, you need to be in a state of stress.

I will use the term stress eating to refer to all of these experiences with food.

Stress is a state where our Cavebrain automatically takes over and we go into fight, flight or freeze mode.

29 Reasons to De-Stress

No! Not 29!

Stress has a massive effect on our health. People only understand this is vague, general terms. But - at the risk of stressing you out! - let's get specific here with This list of 29 effects of stress on the body

To stop stress eating, you need to...

A Reduce stress

B Channel and release stress without using food

C Challenge unnecessary stress


So much has been written about stress reduction that I will not repeat that here. You don’t need me to tell you exercise helps you de-stress.

Channeling and Releasing Stress

Culture stifles emotional expression (When has the advice “Just calm down!” ever helped anyone ever???).

Boys don’t cry.

Girls and women are allowed to, but carry the burden of misogynistic languaging. Did you know that the origin or the word hysteria is the greek for womb? Or how about the misuse of the word hormonal as a sexist insult. I would like to see men manage without that hormone testosterone, or insulin for that matter.

Stifling emotions like anger, grief and sadness (instead of listening to the soul saving messages these emotions contain) is a major reason that people, especially women, eat compulsively.

For more on channeling and releasing emotions, see The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren. Every emotion has a message, even the uncomfortable ones!

Challenge Unnecessary Stress

I am going to introduce you to a big paradigm shift that will show you an approach to life that has released virtually all my clients from unneccessary stress. This is useful for men and lifechanging for women.  It certainly changed my life.

I now feel sorry for women who are anxious about things like

other women being more attractive than they are,

displeasing people they do not even respect,

reclaiming time from the local committe for X they have longed to escape from

and a whole host of other issues

This paradigm shift is to understand the movement from either princess to queen, or prince to king archeytypes in your life.

Find out more here 


Activate Your Vagus Nerve - Dr Navaz Habib

Has some great practical strategies that you will not have heard anywhere else to destress.


The Language of Emotions - Karla McLaren

An amazing book that decodes all the hard emotions and allows you to be Ok with feeling rage, panic etc - and then allows you to process them. Also includes a powerful chapter ('Unintentional Shamans') on the topic of trauma processing that changed my life. 


Dodging Energy Vampires - Dr Christiane Northrup

One of the most important books that I, as an empath, have ever read. It is my toxic person detector kit.

“When we dim our light to make others feel more comfortable, the whole world gets darker.”

Turning bad days into good data: A great video . 30 minutes long , but worth the watch!


Reducing chaotic eating and stress eating generally requires longer term work. There are almost always deep underlying issues that are creating long term stress that is often invisible.