Welcome to The Eating Coach Virtual Retreat!

Below are some resources to access before we start the retreat.


As far as possible, treat the retreat sessions as if you were sat in the room with all the other participants and me. I want your full attention. 

This means no phone checking, no catching up on email. 

I understand that you may be in a place where you are interrupted during the retreat sessions and that privacy is not always available. Children and even other adults may come into the room with no regard for your needs, and that you cannot always lock the door or ignore them.

If you need to talk to anyone in this situation, please mute yourself for the duration.

Sometimes the only place my clients can get any privacy during sessions is in their car. This is no problem at all, however be aware that driving a vehicle during a session is not allowed. Anyone who breaches this rule will be asked to stop driving and immediately leave the call. Furthermore, they will not be permitted to attend any remaining retreat sessions. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

Join The Online Group

As well as the calls, you can talk to me and the other retreaters in the private Slack group.

Join here

The Calls

The Zoom link for all calls is

You will need to enter a password for each call: it is...


To help iron out any problems, I will be on each call a few minutes before the start time, and I encourage everyone to join a few minutes before the start time of your call.

My mobile is 07 78 62 855 92 so any issues joining, please ring that number - or email me.


Resources To Read Ahead of The First Call

What Is Cavebrain?

This is an important concept to understand, so I have created a one-stop info shop to help you here. This page comes from The Body Confident Project, but is equally useful for this retreat.

Meal Experiment

In session two, I will suggest that you do a meal experiment. Full details will be given at the time. However, if you want to try out any of the following or get the ingredients it will enhance your retreat.

#1 Scrambled free range eggs and avocado

#2 Harriet's Smoothie (Recipe here)

#3 Stir fry with meat or tofu and/or edamame beans, nuts, avocado (Feel free to add a little cheese or other topping like alioli or croutons to give it a luxurious, pleasurable feel. Nothing wrong with packet mixes like peanut satay sauce). I like being lazy and buying a pre chopped stir fry mix of veggies from the supermarket!

#4 Nuts like cashews, pistachios, macadamia (avoid peanuts if possible but these are better than nothing) as a snack 

#5 Leftovers from the previous night's dinner are a good idea - see if you can add any of the above ingredients

#5 Harriet's Sugar Free Chocolate Cake (Recipe here)