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Body Confidence 


The Balancing Act

Part 1 - Body Confidence

Let's look at some body shapes that defy the toxic Vogue 12-year-old-boy ideal.

Queen Latifah, Tess Holiday, Ashleigh Graham, Paloma Elsesser... or just google plus sized

Discussion: Is it possible to change your conception of beauty?

See this date from The Body Confident Project to think more about this exercise.


Part 2 - The Balancing Act

Discussion: Have you been easier on yourself during this retreat? How?

Discussion: You can elevate any food /body confidence issue to the status of a quest. What have you been most proud of doing this week? Can you see those actions as part of your hero/ine's journey?



What Is The Balancing Act?

Read more about it here

Book recommendation: Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup

An indispensable guide for you if you are sick of one or more people walking all over you, trampling your boundaries. If you self-identify as an empath. If you feel like you give, give, give and are an easy target for the takers of life, this will liberate you from being the too good girl/boy you know you want to stop being.

Action Steps

Go through date #1 of The Body Confident Project

(Find out more about this project here

Take a struggle in your life and reframe it as an obstacle on the hero/ine's journey. Each challenge has a positive function that moves the story forward. What can you learn from your struggles? Even if they are just alarm bells telling you to course correct.