Walk Away from Sugar using Opposite Action

Discussion: Do you have a problem with sugar?

Stalin vs Sugar

Stalin: responsible for 2 -6 million deaths

Sugar: a major factor in the health problems the world is facing.

Which will have killed more people by the end of this century: Stalin or sugar?

Sugar has no power over you.

This is a problematic addiction, because it is so socially acceptable. The words ‘everything in moderation’ (most often uttered by smug non-addicts) is so toxic. It says ‘you should be able to deal with it because that is more convenient for society. Sugar is a shortcut to showing love, a shortcut to celebrations, a shortcut to dealing with stress at work. Be a good girl/boy now and don’t upset my applecart.’

People who do a sugar detox are unaware that the metronome of deprivation/IFR is behind their zealous health kick. Before long they are back to sugar rampages. They are so messed up about it that the only action they think is effective is MASSIVE ACTION a la Tony Robbins. (As Angus Deaton once said “Just because it is easy to take the piss out of Anthony Robbins doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it”)

In this world where very few people understand how powerful the presence of the cookie jar in your eyeline at work is for you, you need to be crafty and creative to stand up to this social pressure around sugar.

There IS a solution.

Never fear, for opposite action is here!



What Is Opposite Action?

See this page

Discussion: Why is opposite action easier in a group like this? (Hint: Cavebrain)

Three Opposite Actions That Will Help You Walk Away From Sugar

Wait, no...that's 4 actually

#1 Eat dinner for breakfast (or to be more specific, ensure you have protein and healthy fat at breakfast and lunch)

#2 Include sugar replacements in your meal plans

#3 Start rebelling against the sheep-like acceptance of sugar in your environment. Nobody would expect a recovering alcoholic to put up with a bottle of vodka sitting on the kitchen counter or at the end of their desk at work, so why should you have to accept sugar junk in these places?Opposite actions include:  Move the cookie jar, and take a smoothie to the meeting. Soon people will just say “Oh yes, that’s Chris. She does that.” and shrug their shoulders. It will be yesterday’s news before you know it. And if they don’t, who cares?

GAME: Double dare yourself to get even one square of sugar junk, place it in the bin and pour washing up liquid all over it.

What are you saying to yourself about yourself if you do this? 

I had a client who got really into this game and kept sending me pictures. I encourage you to do the same, post them in the group chat and get a nice hit of oxytocin when others comment how awesome you are!

Other Resources

This audio on identity shifting (Phoenixes only exist in stories) will help reassure youif you feel a bit unsettled by all this.

The Pauly Principle

There is so much talk in this area of needing to believe in yourself to end an addiction, or connecting to your big Why. The truth is that if you can get yourself to repeat a replacement action instead of reach for the junk, and then do that over and over, at some point you will start to do this automatically. This is what I call The Pauly Principle.

I have created a set of replacement actions called Cravings Busters, which you can find in my Freedom From Sugar course.

Action Steps

Try out any of these opposite actions, or make your own up. How do they make you feel?