Day Three (part 1)

Slow Eating

Slow eating is just about THE most underrated way of reclaiming your life from food.


Three things to accept about it:


#1 Your compulsive self will do just about anything to not eat slowly. It uses some very convincing lies like I've got too much work to do/I'm too stressed/upset right now to eat slowly.


#2 Culture, especially work culture, is in total alignment with your compulsive self about eating fast. Whether legitimised in the workday lack of lunch hour at your office, or glorified in the spiel of people like Gary Vaynerchuk ("Hustle HARD!"), the normal is to sacrifice eating at the altar of  turning yourself into a workhorse.


#3 You will never be perfect at this. Just like meditation, your mind is always trying to yank you out of being with yourself.


Therefore the work is to keep eating slowly in spite of these three potential obstacles.


And the truth is that....the rewards are amazing!

Action Steps - Before session #3

#1 Read this page on why slow eating is so important.


#2 At your next meal, divide your plate into 2 (separate the food or just guess if it is for example soup). Eat the first half at your normal speed. Observe yourself. Do you think you ate it fast?


Now, try anyway you can to slow down. How does it feel? Journal about it if that appeals to you.