Retreat Archive

This is the hub of the whole retreat, where pages will be added as the week progresses. By the end it will be a handy archive.



The Calls

The Updated Zoom link for all calls is now (as of Friday)

Please note that because demand is so high for Zoom at the moment, I have experienced some changes within my account such as Zoom creating a password for calls on some days - but not on others. There has also been some loss of connectivity for some participants - but only briefly. 

To help iron out any problems, I will be on each call 5 minutes before the start time, and I encourage everyone to join a few minutes before the start time of your call.

My mobile is 07 78 62 855 92 so any issues joining, please ring that number.

If you cannot join a call due to tech issues, I will give you a one-to-one session as a replacement - or please join the other call of the day.


What Is Cavebrain?

This is an important concept to understand, so I have created a one-stop info shop to help you here. This page comes from The Body Confident Project, but is equally useful for this retreat.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Bonus Session

Weight & Body Image