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Resistance Shifting is a powerful process that removes self-confidence blocks and allows you to move forward with less self-doubt.

This page gives some information about it.

Harriet Morris

Steven Pressfield

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance

Steven Pressfield The War of Art

What's The Big Deal With Resistance?

One of the great mistakes we as humans do is to underestimate how sneaky our own resistance can be. When we fall of the diet/exercise/new business/in fact anything wagon, we blame ourselves and interpret the 'failure' as a fault within us.

In fact, what is happening is very natural: part of us feels threatened by change (no matter how awesome that change is).
This needs a more objective, positive approach that allows us to separate ourselves from our resistance. That approach I call Possibility Shifting.

Possibility Shifting develops my previous ideas about dealing with resistance to a new, very powerful level. The core concept at the heart of this approach is that you have been sold a lie about how to improve your life and empower yourself : namely, that you need to improve yourself.
Instead, possibility shifting sees limiting beliefs as faulty coping mechanisms. There is nothing in any of us to 'fix'. You are fine as you are.
Beliefs like "I am not enough" FEEL so true, and that is why people have an idea that they have to work to somehow be enough. But the work is never done and never seems help, even 10%.

The focus of this work is on shifting your focus to from self-improvement to

(A) Replace problem solving with Real Choices 

(B) Dismantling your resistance via Shift Sessions  Moving towards the changes you long for in your thoughts and actions

(C) Moving towards the changes you long for in your thoughts and actions

Part B is Resistance Shifting. These are not any kind of healing modality (you are not broken and do not need fixing), although some client report that it feels very healing.

What Is A Resistance Shifting Session?

It is a way of directly dismantling internal resistance to what you want in life. 

There will be about 20-25 minutes of explaining the process, followed by the shift part of about the same length of time, which is a closed eye experience. You will be fully awake during this, and not go into any kind of trance. This is not hypnotherapy.  You are free to open your eyes and stop participating at any time, although I have never seen or even heard of this happening, and at the end everyone reports that it is a very relaxing experience. Find the most relaxing place you can to sit for this session, because it will be really enjoyable!

Please allow 75 minutes for the session in total.


I’ve been much calmer with my daughter over the last few days since the intro shift session, especially during those pressure points like leaving the house on time. I’m excited to find out more!

Rachel Scotland

Is There A Particular Issue You Can Help Me With In This Session?

This will be an introductory session, and everyone will have the opportunity to change how they feel about an issue in their life. Because it's the first session, the issue needs to be something more irritating than heavy - for example small, annoying things that people (especially children) or pets you live with do. You can think about this in advance if you like.

Have You Benefitted From Resistance Shifting Yourself?

In 12 weeks, Possibility Shifting helped me process trauma that decades of various approaches failed to do. 

CBT, journalling, transactional analysis, hypnotherapy, reiki, spiritual healing, somatic experiencing, timeline therapy, and more - none of these made more than a small dent in my trauma.

I am now free in a way I have never known before. I can relax in my body. I am far more resilient than I used to be. 

You can read more of my story here 

Will There Be A Sales Pitch?

No! I have nothing to sell you during this session. With your permission I will email you afterwards about further sessions.

There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


The session gave me confidence to talk to my partner about a sensitive issue that I would normally have dreaded discussing. Me showing up differently affected his response, and the discussion was far more positive than it would have been.

It also had a big sensory benefit. I find it hard to cope with the noise and demands of my young children, but I have found over the past week that they just don’t bother me so much.

Eve United States

I'm In! What Do I Do Now?

That is wonderful! Email Harriet info (at) with the subject line 'Intro Shift' and I will send you the times of the next upcoming sessions.

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The mini course will be out on 14th Feb, but probably before that. I will send it to you the moment it is out of the oven of great ideas 🙂

Free Mini Video Course

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