14 days to Freedom from Sugar

Toddler Wisdom & Review


It's very important to review your progress midway through the course. We live in an info junkie culture, where we are saturated with information, information and yet more information. Indeed I used to be a fully signed up self-help junkie. I would consume personal development books like a hungry lion eats its prey, but take little action on the ideas inside them.


This trap of consuming information and not taking any action on it is what I want you to avoid.


Before we go on, you need to be aware that in the 21st-century world of distraction and information overload, it takes quite a bit of courage to step outside info junkie culture and actually do something about your sugar addiction. So if you find it challenging to take action, don't be dejected - just recognising the challenge puts you way ahead of 99% of the population.


Most people exist within their so-called comfort zone, depending on physical or media drugs (endless crime dramas and other forms of what I call stressertainment. You can watch four murders a night if you really want to) to distract them from their dissatisfaction with life.


Coming off sugar and grabbing the wonderful new life that is yours for the taking is the only true way to deal with such dissatisfaction.


And that requires action.


This review session will help you acknowledge your successes and identify those areas where you have not taken enough action.


It consists of three questions.


The 3 Questions


Q1 What has worked for you so far on the course?


Q2 Think of one answer that you wrote to the last question. How can you take that success just a bit further?


Q3 What have you resisted so far on this course?


BONUS QUESTION: If a good friend was answering these questions, how would you persuade him/her to take action in spite of their resistance?



Journal your answers to the review questions and decide on ONE action at least to take to turn them into actual change.