The Eating Coach Lockdown Retreat

Wednesday 15th - Tuesday 21st April 2020

One week

7 fun & thought-provoking lessons on managing your eating in lockdown

7 small group coaching sessions

1 bonus one-to-one session


Listen to Cindy's experience of group coaching:

Are You Worried About Your Eating During Lockdown?

  • Do you struggle with social distancing from the fridge?
  • Are you finding that you can't shift the urge to binge?
  • Does your brain sometimes feel like an excuse-making machine for overeating?
  • Has the structure around eating you had before lockdown all but collapsed?
  • Without a work structure, do you find that your snacking has got out of control...
  • ...Or are you a key worker, rushed off your feet and eating more to keep going?

Would You Like To:

  • Understand what your Inner Food Rebel is and how to put it out of a job?
  • Discover a wickedly fun game to help you stand up to sugar temptation?
  • Learn a much more powerful strategy than self-discipline for walking away from binge eating?
  • Find out what the double role of boredom eating is and how 'Back To The Future' can help
  • Understand what The Balancing Act is and why it is important for eating better
  • Know what one of the most powerful, but most effortless ways to stop overeating is?


Listen to Brandy's experience of how group coaching helped her, especially since lockdown:

How It Works

This retreat will happen through two platforms:

#1 A private Slack group. Slack is what Facebook would be if you removed all the distraction, ads and social pressure. Imagine a social media platform only for people doing this week. I have group coaching clients who detest Facebook, and they really enjoy Slack. This is the place to ask questions and share your struggles not just with me, but others who understand what you are going through right now.

#2 Optional daily Zoom video calls of 30 minutes (plus extra time if you need it) in a group of maximum 7 participants. Each group call I will check in one how everyone is doing, teach the day's material for about 15 minutes, then allow time for questions.  The calls will take place at 8pm UK time.

Whether you attend the calls or not, you will have an action step to complete each day. Each step will be one of the following: fun, thought-provoking or relaxing. Or maybe a mixture of two at the same time!

Get one 20 minute one-to-one Zoom call with Harriet anytime from Sunday 12th - Wed 22nd April. Use it to help you get through Easter weekend if you like. You can book this straight away after ordering your ticket.

The Programme For The Week

Day 1 - A Food Rebel-friendly Structure To Your Day

Structure is vital to help you manage your eating in lockdown. However, to work it must obey The Goldilocks Principle - not too much, and not too little. Discover what the two magic ingredients of this principle are, and how they can revolutionise how you eat in lockdown.


Day 2 - Neutralise Your Guilt

The response many people are having to their lockdown overeating is more self-discipline. Learn why this will not work, and what to replace it with. Meet your Inner Food Rebel and learn how to put them out of a job!


Day 3 - The Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Help Yourself Eat Better In Lockdown

I am talking about slow eating. This is something many people find almost impossible, but the truth is that lockdown presents an amazing opportunity to develop your skills in this area. We are going to gamify it. No Just chew 20 times nonsense - that is a nightmare for any recovering food compulsive.


Day 4 - How To Eat Less Sugar in Lockdown

Just how can you say no to all that junk? I have a wickedly fun challenge that will channel your Inner Food Rebel, as well as give you some feelgood alternatives to the sugar hit that have absolutely no pricetag. 


Day 5 - Say No To Stress Eating

Learn why food has become your go-to stress coping mechanism (hint: the answer has to do with Cavebrain and is far more interesting than 'because it's there'). I will give you some alternatives that you can try today, even in complete isolation.


Day 6 - Put An End (Almost) To Boredom Eating

Discover the double role that boredom eating plays in your life at the moment, and what Back To The Future has to with all this. I will give you a powerful five-minute exercise to do that will help you to a 180 on this ever-present lockdown problem.


Day 7 - The Balancing Act

This session moves beyond day-to-day coping strategies. There is a balancing act that all recovering compulsives need to understand to get out of the binge-diet cycle. This is brand-new content I have never shared with anyone, not even private clients.

BONUS I will reveal a piece of the puzzle that is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to reclaim your life from food, but one of the most effortless.



At first I was a bit nervous and thought "Ooh, what's it going to be like?' but it was great. The group made me meditate and exercise more, which is really important. It helped me bed in the things I learnt in one-to-one coaching - for example eliminating most of the sugary food. We have all supported each other, especially with the stress of Coronavirus, just to stress relieve and have a laugh. I think all of us were really grateful that we had each other to talk to. Food is the one thing we can control at the moment in lockdown.