Say Goodbye to Binge Eating

A 12-week  adventure where you stop getting food to live your life for you and discover resilience you never knew you had. 

Is This You?

Food is your number one go-to when you're feeling low, angry, depressed or frustrated

You feel guilty for emotionally eating but feel powerless to do anything about it

You have a fear of getting hungry

You have no idea how to manage difficult feelings

You hate yourself for sabotaging your health goals

Welcome to Release.
By the end, you will have:

Learnt to regulate your emotions

Instead of seeing difficult emotions as triggers for binge eating and mental pests to be squashed, you will have a toolkit for understanding, channelling and releasing them - safely and without overwhelm. You will liberate yourself from the pressure to solve your feelings.

Reduced your appetite

Unhook food from your feelings. Meal by meal you will have a range of strategies to stay present when you eat. And when this happens, you digest your food better. You truly nourish yourself. You eat less, but you enjoy food more.

Transformed how you see yourself

Welcome to the programme where you feel better about yourself from day one - not when you have achieved success. We will put a gagging order on your inner critic. Goodbye deprivation, punishing restriction and never being enough. Hello curiosity, neutrality and celebrating every imperfect success.

"Undoing 25 years of binge eating habits and coping mechanism is very challenging work. However, it's rewarding, insightful and progressive - but because of Harriet it's also FUN!"

Louise Mitchell, UK

So...How  Will  This  Programme  Impact  You?

Before you complete Release :

You can't deal with difficult emotions without comfort eating

You feel guilty for sabotaging your health with sugar and other junk, which makes you sabotage even more
It seems like food is more powerful than you when you are under stress

You wish you weren't so damn emotional - you see yourself as one hot mess of feelings

You wish you were stronger

Emotional eating is your life manager, which means that overeating is the norm and binge eating a regular occurence. You blame yourself.

After you've completed Release :

You have a set of tools to help you channel and release uncomfortable feelings

You now understand the hidden reasons for that sabotage and have developed neutrality around your mistakes, which weakens the need to self-sabotage
You see emotional eating as an understandable but ineffective coping mechanism, which you have replaced with healthier life strategies. You own your power.
You understand that all emotions are messengers, and have learnt to manage them without eating them. You start feeling sorry for people with a repressed, stiff upper lip way of living (if you can call it living)
Because you allow yourself to experience life directly instead of ask food to mediate for you, you accept yourself and embrace the 90% beats perfection principle. You become an awesome role model for younger people in your life.

Having put food out of the job of life manager, you eat less and start running - not walking - towards your health goals. You realise you never were to blame in the first place. Life gets easier AND the field of possibility opens up for you.

What's Inside Release?

Module 1

The Adventurer's Mindset

Getting ready for this life-changing transformation and ending the toxic trash talk about yourself takes a specific framework

The daily practice of shifting from passive sufferer to hero/ine's journey mindset
How to put a gagging order on your inner critic
The counterintuitive power of low commitment and gamification 

Module 2

Nutrition For Emotional Wellbeing

You see junk food as your emotional saviour, but behind the scenes it is making things worse. Learn a better way of eating that gives you REAL pleasure, not the addict's high.

Discover how junk foods hijacks your brain chemistry - and how the perfect diet on paper will just make your emotional eating WORSE
Practise eating a nutritious AND pleasurable diet that will elbow the mood-hijacking junk out of the way - without you feeling torn between what is right and what feels good.
How to use The Staircase Approach to transition from the addict's dependence to nutritional, craving-free eating.

Module 3

Emotional Regulation

Difficult emotions have been demonised, and it is also these feelings that trigger compulsive eating. Is it possible that there is some link between suppression and bingeing? Hint: Yes there is!

Learn how to use the emotions as messengers reframe as a positive constructive scaffold for managing them. 
Step-by-step processes that support you in learning how to manage your feelings.
Dealing with anger and guilt: safely channel and release what you should not be holding on to. Imagine what a weight off that will be!

Module 4

Eating Presence

If you have been using mealtimes to squash your emotions, then it follows that when you use the strategy I have coined eating presence, you eat in a way that ensure you stop doing this. It happens in a very gradual, step-by-step process.

Slow eating games - it is impossible to eat emotionally when you slow down. Gamification reduces the pressure and makes it fun! 
Meal planning for people who hate meal planning. Strategies, games and tapping into the power of the subconscious.
The 90% Beats Perfection rule - why you will never eat 100% consciously, and why you shouldn't even try.

Module 5

Boundary Repair

Emotional eating is a very understandable but ineffective way to manage relationships where the dynamic is unbalanced. If you feel like other people walk all over you and you feel nervous about standing up to them, this module will be invaluable for you.

Subtle strategies to ward off energy vampires in a classy, no-conflict way
How to strengthen your boundaries in a way that feels emotionally safe 
How managing your inner cavewo/man is a gamechanger in making this process much easier

What You Get

12 weekly 1 hour sessions over 3 months then 2 x 45 minute sessions a month in months 4, 5 and 6 
Tailor-made Release Blueprint 
6 months daily WhatsApp or email check ins (Mon - Fri)
At least 3 months of Secret sessions - group talks & Q and A every fortnight 
All programme materials
Session recordings and notes
Facebook group

The Programme Week By Week

Week 1 - The Adventurer's Mindset : Shift from passive sufferer to proactive adventurer  - even on the really bad days

Week 2 - Nutrition For Emotional Health: The foods that turn down the volume on compulsion and why it's actually better to aim for 90% of the way there

Week 3 - The Power of How: Some powerful uncommon knowledge about the way you eat and its massive impact on binge and emotional eating

Week 4 - Neutralising Sugar & Other Brain Hijackers Understand how processed food hijacks your brain chemistry. Let's liberate you from this weakened state of pleasure-dependence using the most complex computer in the entire universe - your brain itself.

Week 5Calm Your Inner Food Rebel What you think is your lack of self-discipline is a much more complex and interesting hidden force within you that is using binge eating to try and help you. Let's understand it and put it out of a job it was never meant to do.

Week 6Decoding Emotions Using food to manage emotions relies on a misunderstanding that all difficult emotions are your enemy. If we can decode your anger, guilt and so on, we do not have to eat them!

Week 7Emotional Release The highly practical SORCO process for emotional release will truly put emotional eating out of a job.

Week 8 - Eating Presence You don't need to have your life all sorted out to stop binge eating. Even on bad days, you can leverage the awesome power of eating presence and overshoot your potential. 

Week 9 - Boundary Repair  The days of using food to tolerate what your core self knows is unacceptable are over.  Strengthen your boundaries and start saying no in a way that feels safe. 

Week 10 - Dismantle Your Food Guilt Understand this doesn't belong to you. We will look at the counterintuitive way to defuse and decommission this useless emotion.

Week 11 - Life Uplevelling Putting food out of the job of life manager creates some wonderful opportunities to upgrade your dreams and ambitions. There isn't a day to waste! 

Week 12 - What's Next? Wrap up, and looking at ways to move forward

"I have tried so many diets and cleanses and have never achieved as much as success as I have doing Harriet's programme. I feel incredibly empowered."

Jessica Romrell, health coach

Why do I think I can help you?

Instead of the usual "I am perfect and if you aspire to be me the perfection is assured" bio you usually find, I thought it would be more useful to give you my warts-and-all mini bio.

Early 80s to 2011 - Harriet spends 3 decades of her life from the onset of adolescence to the age of 40 as a compulsive, binge eating emotional eater whose best friend is sugar.

2011 - starts working with her mind and doing experiments to tackle binge eating with some success

2012 - motivated by PMS that made her feel demented, Harriet does a one month experiment giving up 95% of her sugar consumption. It changes her life and she never goes back.

2013 Trains in eating psychology and starts coaching binge eaters and sugar addicts.

2017 Starts The Eating Coach podcast. Over 200,000 downloads to date.

2020 Everything falls apart as she tries to meets everyone else's needs in lockdown. Becomes compulsive and ashamed.

2021 Turns 50 and tells the truth in her podcast. Starts developing the concept of eating presence and get curious about this renewed exploration into her compulsion a decade after the original one.

The shame she thought she had lost with her sugar addiction starts to actually dissolve. Her boundaries strengthen and she stops wasting energy on people who used to drain her. 

She has a more empowered sense of how she can show up in the world. Loses weight. She still has to shed more to meet her health goals, but she commits to be the change she wants to see for compulsive eaters everywhere.

These adventurers can't be wrong!

More Confident & Happy

"I’ve learnt a lot, not only about food but about myself and I feel a much happier person because of it. Many thanks for everything.


Nicole Anslow Milward

Shrewsbury, UK

"Harriet is very good at teasing out connections and making sense of my behavior around food and exercise and gently offering suggestions of things I might try"

Richard Smart

Brighton, UK

" I have had 100% success giving up biscuits and chocolate since going through this process 2 months ago. Ideas like The Double Dare have made social situations a place to actually feel empowered around food – the other day I was at someone’s house, stood near the cake and  didn’t have any!                              


Kzee Herz

Shrewsbury, UK

This Programme Isn't For Everyone

This is PERFECT for you if...

You will be happy with a 90% (not 100%) reduction in emotional eating. You know that perfectionism will destroy your confidence.
You love the idea of challenging your beliefs through experimenting with new approaches.
You want help motivating yourself to meal plan. You are ready to reclaim control of what you eat and experiment. You are OK using this programme as a time to defocus on calorie counting and the scales, because both of these can make you feel so bad.

You are genuinely interested in how emotional eating is a coping mechanism and you are excited by what a weight off that understanding could be for you. You are sick of feeling this bad about yourself.
You understand that progress is not always smooth and that there will be times when this is an uncomfortable process. That is OK, because you are in a pretty bad place now and are ready to swap that never ending pain for discomfort that has a shelf life and liberates you.

This is NOT for you if...

You demand perfection

You are set in your ways 

You want a programme that tells you exactly what to eat and provides you with set meal plans, a diet etc. You want to discuss calorie counting and weight loss in the Facebook group.

You just want to stop ruining your diet and have no interest in understanding why you might have had some misguided need to comfort and stress eat.

You demand a smooth, linear reduction in your emotional eating from week one that makes you feel better every day.


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