Redefine Normal

an Inner Shift

This video talks about binge eating, but applies to any food issues you might have.


What situations around food do you find not only difficult, but unfair? Imagine you ruled the world - what laws would you introduce to make life easier for you? If you have children, what laws would benefit them?


The purpose of this is to connect you to what you believe is right and ignore social acceptability (over trivialities like eating cake at a party). If I had not had a strong sense of my own socially unacceptable needs around sugar, I would have given in to my cravings.


I believe as obesity gets even more problematic for the world than it is now, being rebellious in this way will become heroic in the way that early anti-smoking campaigners' actions are now seen.


And finally - ask yourself: what is more important, social acceptability about whether you eat cake or not...or your own wellbeing and quality of life?