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Law of Attraction Coaching - Live Your True Life

Remove the blocks to manifesting, effortlessly align your actions with your intentions and live your true life. 

Do you feel like You're Just No Damn Good At Manifesting? 

Many people feel inadequate using the law of attraction, because they have been told that success comes down to being highly skilled at manifesting. This is nonsense, akin to claiming that the reason for a helium balloon drifting off into the sky when you accidentally let it go is that you are misusing the law of gravity.

The Real Law of Attraction Project will help you remove your blocks to manifesting - just like taking off anti-gravity boots.

Imagine effortlessly aligning your actions with your intentions and living - not struggling for - the life you want.

3 Steps To Freedom

Get Clear On What You Want

Most people's intentions are disguised negatives - for example, love is the solution to feeling like you are not enough. Instead, start by defining what you truly want to create, without reference to your problems. Watch the field of possibility open up beyond what you could ever imagine.

Dismantle Self-Sabotage

So many people get stuck because they do not understand the nature of their own (very understandable) resistance to what they long for. In this step, all parts of you work together to calm the fear of change that is at the heart of your self-sabotage.

Align Your Actions With Your Intentions

Too many people rely on either extreme actions (which are unsustainable) or magical thinking as tools for change. Neither work. Instead, choose curiosity and experimentation over self-discipline and struggle, leverage the power of stories and quests instead of goal setting, and privilege the principle of actions change beliefs. 

Try a Free Possibility Shifting Session

Possibility Shifting is a way to dissolve your patterns of self-sabotage and open up the field of possibility so you don't even need to face your fears - they become irrelevant. This is the missing piece to allow you to align powerfully with your intentions. Find out more and get your link for the free taster session here 

Here's what People Are Saying About Possibility Shifting... 


I felt an incredible shift today. Wow! What a great day at work. I think it has so much to do with the work we've been doing

Lindsay Lusnia, Oregon


Harriet took me through a beautiful process that connected to my energy and diluted any fear I had moving forward. I feel motivated to get my business started

Katherine Wheatman



The session gave me confidence to talk to my partner about a sensitive issue that I would normally have dreaded discussing. Me showing up differently affected his response, and the discussion was far more positive than it would have been.

Eve, USA


I’ve been much calmer with my daughter over the last few days since the intro shift session, especially during those pressure points like leaving the house on time. I’m excited to find out more!

Rachel Lansdale, Scotland

Fail Your Way To Manifesting Success

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