Real Choices & Mind Movies


In this session I will give you a powerful new frame to steer you toward the life of your dreams 

We will learn...

Why most efforts at change are like an elastic band

The only reason ever to set a goal 

What mind movies are and why they are so much more fun than affirmations

Some exciting actual results I and clients have seen using these two concepts






For the Real Choice of I choose an easy, fun and lucrative business...

I am hosting a Zoom call with ....people. I see them come back from breakout rooms and the energy is happy. I hear someone say "That was great!" I feel relaxed. I am the facilitator. I can hold the uncertainty. this is easier than I thought.

For the Real Choice of I choose a playful and connected relationship...

Sitting in the board games cafe, our fingers brush each other and we hold hands under the table. I feel exhilarated and connected. I have to stop myself smiling too much! I feel a bit sick and I can hold that. It is excitement.

Mind movies are a great way to send a message to your unconscious that you mean business with these Real Choices.

Your unconscious cannot tell the difference between vivid experiences that are actual and those that are imagined. WOW! 

Therefore it is a powerful way to dismantle alignment resistance. 


* The Stand Up Course

*The Date

*The Beach Hotel 

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