What's The One Thing Stopping You Reaching Your Ideal Weight?

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What's In The Course?

Why your guilt over your weight is piling on the pounds and how to reverse this

How to turn your struggle into an adventure

The invisible reasons you are self sabotaging

How to connect your weight loss to bigger goals

The dangerously addictive slimming strategy that is counterproductive and what to replace it with

The 16 letter B word every shapeshifter needs to know. This explains why diets fail 99% of people

How you way you think about this issue can either add or take off weight with no change in your eating

How to identify mood hijacker foods and how to get off them

How to continue with your health and weight goals even when life throws you curveballs (clue: this has nothing to do with willpower)

The key to transforming emotional eating so it's no longer a crutch. 

The mystery of weight regain unlocked: the hidden psychological reasons so many reverse their hard work

The secrets of body confidence and how it's a gift you must give yourself

The mental diet you should go on that will help you become one of the 1% of permalosers 

The invisible command centre in your head for weight loss and gain, and how to get it working for, not against, you

Why social media can make you fat

Shedding Weight Was Just The Beginning For Fran

It certainly has felt more sustainable, mainly because you can feel a difference in yourself almost straight away – not just physically, but mentally stronger.

Since changing my way of eating, I now do not have migraines (which literally were disabling my life). No doctor had been able to help me for 3 years. Not one doctor spoke to me about sugars in foods. I now do not drinks like diet coke, or any caffeine. I feel amazing, full of life and health. I sleep properly and am no longer angry and depressed, I feel like a new person. I have lost 3 stone, and my confidence and self esteem are through the roof!

Thanks to Harriet for helping me change me life. Fran, Shrewsbury, Uk

Sam Shed 30 lbs & Regained Control

I was fed up of being tired all the time – no matter how much sugar I ate. Since then I have lost more than 2 stone, and feel like I have regained control of my life.

I used to hunt for food to solve how I felt – but it’s no longer a crutch for me. There were strategies & tricks I got from the coaching that I never would have thought of myself, which have been invaluable and very effective. My skin has improved, I’m no longer on a moody roller coaster and I feel energised and generally fantastic!”Sam Warner, Telford UK

Neil: Ending Night Time Binges In Less Than A Month

In less than a month, Harriet was able to coach me so I was able to overcome the negative habit of overeating at night. The changes she helped me make have been sustained and I am so happy with the resulting weight loss that is still happening! She really understands the complex subject of the psychology of eating and is able to give that over in a fun and compelling way that creates lasting change.

Neil Rischall, New York

Nicole: I Feel More Confident & Happy

The coaching was amazing!! I have more energy nowadays from the nutritional changes that Harriet showed me. I still leave some thing on my plate every meal – even if it is the tiniest bit, it makes me feel more in control. I eat slower and tend to enjoy more of what I’m eating and actually notice the taste of food now! I feel more confident in my appearance because “It is what it is!” I feel happier in myself and more accepting of my body and who I am.

The coaching made me feel very scared but in a really positive way. It made me look deeper into my food habits, some of which stem from my childhood. It was more personalised and enjoyable than previous weight loss methods, as it made me more aware of what I was putting in my mouth and why I ate certain foods at certain times. It made me realise if I want certain foods it’s probably because my body needs them and it’s not just me being greedy.

I’ve learnt a lot, not only about food but about myself and I feel a much happier person because of it. Many thanks for everything. Nicole Anslow Milward, Shrewsbury, UK

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