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Freedom From Stress Eating:

Your 60-Minute Escape Plan

Stress Eating Video Course

Do you want to find a better way to deal with life’ challenges than trying to eat them? To reduce unnecessary self-created stress, and turn useful challenges to your advantage to up your game in life? Includes 7 powerful pause button strategies to stop you giving in to cravings, and the simple science behind their success. These bite-sized videos are the springboard to making your life easier AND more meaningful. Click here to watch the video now


The Shift Inside Kindle eBooks

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Permanent Weight Loss: The 1% Difference

Harriet Morrisonepercent130x179

It has been estimated that for every 100 people who lose weight, 12 months later only one of them will have kept the weight off. This is indeed a shocking statistic, but one that we all know instinctively to be true. What is it that allows that 1% to succeed, while the other 99% continue on the treadmill of yo-yo dieting?

Do diets work? And if not, why not?

Is there a secret to weight loss?

These are some of the answers that eating psychology coach Harriet Morris set out to answer, using real people and their experiences – good and bad – as the basis for her research. This book is based on 100 interviews with…read more

Shapeshifting Inside and Out:

Release Your Unwanted Weight and Reclaim Your Life

Harriet Morris

Audio version out January 2015

Have you fallen into ‘the diet trap’? This where 99% of dieters live: mutely accepting
 shape130shifting unwanted weight gain, intense cravings and compulsive eating as their own fault. If only you had more willpower. More determination. More self-discipline.

Wait a minute.

What if you – and millions more – were not really defective, but misguidedly seeking a purely external solution to what is really an inner problem?

This is no ordinary weight loss book. If you are ready to think outside the box, it will show you how to get off this unmerry-go-round of …read more

How To Eat Slowly: 25 Games For Food Rebels

Harriet Morris

Have you ever tried to eat slowly, but found that the old chestnut “Chew 30 times” is about as easy eatslowly130x182 as taking your driving test, while sitting the MENSA entrance exam and reciting the alphabet backwards?!?

If so, then this is the book for you. The 25 games – which includes links to 7 bonus demo videos – are doable, practical and fun. Divided into 3 levels – easy, medium and advanced – they work because they drop the drill sergeant and tap into your natural imagination and curiosity.

At the heart of the book is an understanding of psychology of the food rebel. An ex-food rebel herself, the author understands that if you …read more