Can't Stop Binge Eating?

Set yourself free from compulsive behaviour around food

What's In It?

  • A powerful way to reframe this challenge so you no longer feel abnormal or isolated
  • The breakfast mistake millions are making that actually encourages bingeing
  • What cravings busters are
  • How your DVD collection can help (hint: it's not what you think)
  • A practical way to walk away from any trigger food - right now
  • How renaming binge eating can diffuse its power over you
  • What The Primitive Getaway is - and why this 2 minute strategy can be a game changer
  • Why this process is not the end goal but the doorway to something far more exciting

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I had had a problem binge eating for almost 20 years when I started working with Harriet. I had spent thousands having coaching from some very well-respected practitioners, but I saw very little change. In 12 weeks, I have experienced a real transformation in my mindset around this problem. I now only eat chocolate occasionally, and eat more pleasurable replacements. But more importantly, I don’t pin the old emotions (guilt, shame) to the eating. She is very different from previous professionals I’ve seen. The sessions were tailored around my personal needs, rather than someone reeling off a theory. The check ins and extra email support really kept my spirits up. While the work was sometimes hard, I definitely felt supported. The upside of the hard work is I have a lot more clarity and direction in my life now. Harriet helped me not feel so bad about what I was doing – even getting me to change what we call it so it’s less powerful. The work I did with her made me question everything about my relationship with food – in a good way! I’m a lot easier on myself these days. Sally Bolton, personal trainer