A useful – but flawed – way to achieve your health goals.




*Funny Article of The Week*

…comes from The Daily Mash.

*Main section: Overwhelming Force*

I discuss the above-named article and its benefits – as well as shortcomings for us in reclaiming our lives from food.

“Instead of merely dipping your toes into the change you’d like to make, you dive into it headfirst. Instead of undercommitting resources, you overcommit.”

“If you think you have an effective kill strategy for your goal, but it isn’t working too well, perhaps you’ve underestimated the resistance. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself in this situation — great military leaders have been punished by this mistake as well. Accept that your kill strategy may in fact be underkill, and what you think of as overkill may be just what you need.”

What is liberating about these words – and where are they unhelpful? Listen and find out.

Let’s get specific about the range of strategies we can use to dismantle binge eating etc. Some of them are:

REFRAMING – Tell yourself a different story from the unhelpful, disempowering one you’ve been preaching like it is the truth all these years. Ask yourself: How would I feel if I could walk away from the junk?

NUTRITIONAL CHANGES – can have a powerful effect on your mood swings and cravings

ENVIRONMENT –  Inconvenient as it may be, having no money on you for example is a foolproof way to avoid buying junk, to protect yourself from your cravings. Surely a life filled with food compulsion is a worse kind of incovenient – one that never changes.


Things To Be Aware Of With This Article

QUICK FIXES RARELY WORK – the article seems to promise a quick fix – but this is not a faulty part on a bike or electrical appliance we are working on with eating change. And what if you reach your goal in twice the time you have set yourself, but the result is sustainable?

INVISIBLE BELIEFS – these lie under the surface of people’s conscious beleifs and can often sabotage the best laid plans

PERFECTIONISM – Pavlina is too reliant on that perfect result. We need to embrace the reality that even tough we might strive for perfection, it is always elusive with ongoing practices such as empowered eating.



The Daily Mash article http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/health/5k-run-adds-30-minutes-to-your-life-but-takes-40-minutes-20180425148001

The Steve Pavlina article: https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/09/overwhelming-force/

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