In today’s podcast, I discuss one method for releasing trauma, which put food out of the job of life manager for me – one that it was supremely unqualified to do. 



The whole ‘Me Too’ phenomenon where women publicly open up on social media about sexual assault or harrassment has sparked alot of debate. I steer clear of that in this episode and focus on the life-changing reframe of trauma that has helped me and others live our lives free of its power. No need for a time machine.

There is no account in this episode of my experiences, so if you have found that others’ stories trigger you, there is no need to worry here. The main focus is on the process of resolving trauma.

Why I think ‘Me Too’ is part of a bigger healing process – and what that is


SECTION 2 (Starts at 4:30)
How food can be a coping mechanism for trauma


SECTION 3 (Starts at 9:00)
How an overwhelming event becomes trauma: The three stages of tribal initiation. Childhood trauma partially mimics tribal initiation, of which there are three stages. Trauma misses out on the third, vital stage, and this is why so many people feel unable to move on after overwhelming life events. What Goldie Hawn has to do with all of this.


SECTION 4 (starts at 16:00)
The liberating truth that will set you free from guilt: the real reason that so many people self-sabotage so badly in their lives. This is an unconscious attempt to resolve the trauma. Listen and find out exactiy how.


SECTION 5 (Starts at 21:49)
Four Ways To Move To Stage 3
*Speak your truth…
*…to the right audience
*Replace the victim identity with that of the wounded healer
*Risking rejection


SECTION 6 (starts at 29:14)

What stage 3 looks like – my personal experience


SECTION 7 (starts at 33:52)

Putting food out of a job it was never meant to do



Guardian article mentioned at the start

The information on tribal initiation and trauma is from The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren (Unintentional Shamans)