Interested in Being A Guest on The Eating Coach Podcast?

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on The Eating Coach. At 150 episodes, my podcast is nearing its third birthday and 200,000 downloads. (June 2020)

Unlike many podcasts, most of my episodes are solo, which frees me up to only having guests if I feel their message resonates with mine. I am very open to having guests if I feel they add value to my audience. 

I may decide to include a guest for the main section of my show, or a shorter section. 

My audience are mostly female, aged between 30 and 50 plus. They are educated and have consumed a lot of self help material. They have tried any number of diets and feel like failures, but they have a sneaking suspicion that there is a more enlightened way to change how they eat. I have little interest in someone promoting a new wonder supplement or diet.

I am particularly interested in hearing from you if you: 

Have a personal story about binge eating, sugar addiction or similar that you want to share

Want to discuss body image

Have wisdom to share around helping my listeners exercise in a less stressful way

Have original wisdom to share around dealing with stress.

You will of course have the opportunity to plug  yourself at the end (I was once on a podcast where the host did not offer this!) 


How To Apply

If you feel you can add value to my audience, please email me:

  info (at)

with the following information:

#1 Who you are 

#2 Tell me about an episode that you listened to, and why you enjoyed it.

#3 Tell me why you think my audience would benefit from hearing from you.

#4 What would you like to talk about on The Eating Coach? Please suggest a topic and at least three takeaways that my audience would enjoy. 

#5 The main annoyance for any podcaster is a guest who will not share about the epsiode. I am less concerned with what sort of following you have than your willingness to spread the word about the interview. Please tell me how you will publicise the interview.

#6 Finally, rate and review the podcast on Apple podcasts and attach a screenshot of the review to your email.

If you have a podcast yourself and your message resonates with me, I am interested in appearing on your show. Please be sure to tell me all about it and include a link so I can listen to it.

Many thanks for your time. 

Harriet Morris