Now it is time to book your Pathfinder call. This 30 minute session will help us go deeper into your eating issues. It will help you decide if I am the right coach for you to work with, and I will be able to say if I can truly help you. Please be aware that this is specialised work with a high degree of support from me outside sessions (session notes, daily check ins, extra video and other content).

 I really look forward to speaking to you!

Reclaim Your Life From Food - Experience up to an 95% reduction in your binge eating, sugar addiction or compulsive behaviour around food  without feeling deprived or bad about yourself

Fran Hansen

It certainly has felt more sustainable, mainly because you can feel a difference in yourself almost straight away – not just physically, but mentally stronger. I now do not have migraines (which literally were disabling my life). No doctor had been able to help me for 3 years. I feel amazing, full of life and health. I sleep properly and am no longer angry and depressed, I feel like a new person. I have lost 3 stone, and my confidence and self esteem are though the roof! Thanks to Harriet for helping me change me life.

Fran Hansen Shrewsbury, UK
Richard Smart

The coaching made me think about things in a different way. It has made me take action on playing more badminton, which I really love. With my eating, I was labouring under the illusion that getting up late and only eating 2 meals would help me lose weight – now I understand the science behind why the opposite is true. The sessions were really useful in that they gave me space to think about what I can do that will really impact my health. Harriet is very good at teasing out connections and making sense of my behavior around food and exercise and gently offering suggestions of things I might try.

Richard Smart Brighton, UK
Alison Rowanna

Harriet broke down the process of tackling my sugar addiction so I could do it in an effortless way, a day at a time. Her replacements made all the difference. I haven’t given it up completely, but cutting down on it has changed my life. It released a tidal wave of creativity and potential. I’ve left the financial hell I’d created and have been able to reframe my abusive childhood using tools Harriet taught me. I am no longer living caught up in the past.

Alison Rowanna Shropshire,UK

Sian Brophy

Harriet gives you loads of practical ideas about how to stave off cravings. Harriet has been there – and keeps you motivated, even if you fall off the wagon. I had a slip up, but it was easy to get back on track.  You couldn’t pay me to go back to my old life.  No more migraines or even PMT, which I’m over the moon about. I’ve lost 20 lbs in total. I feel in control of my life, no mood swings and best of all a healthy relationship with food!

Sian Brophy Kilkenny, Ireland
Neil Rischall

In less than a month, Harriet was able to coach me so I was able to overcome the negative habit of overeating at night. The changes she helped me make have been sustained and I am so happy with the resulting weight loss that is still happening! She really understands the complex subject of the psychology of eating and is able to give that over in a fun and compelling way that creates lasting change.

Neil Rischall New York