Opportunity Cost

What does opportunity cost have to do with the Just Say No (JSN) challenge?

You will have chosen something to reduce or eliminate in your life that you think you do too much or someone that you want to be around less.

Whatever or whoever the focus of your JSN challenge is, I want you to become aware that there has been an opportunity cost that you have been paying that you were either unaware of, or were in denial about.

Now you get that opportunity back!

What are you going to do with the time/energy you have reclaimed for yourself?

Another Angle On This

Shapeshifting requires an extra investment of time AKA our good friend diary prep!

It is useful to ask yourself what have you had to de-prioritise to get diary prep done? 

What is the opportunity cost of shapeshifting? 

And are there any surprise pluses - let's call them opportunity benefits

For example, the extra exercise I now do gives me more energy, greater mental clarity and is a good stress relief. These are fantastic opportunity benefits that outweigh the opprtunity costs of less time in front of my PC.  

Other Resources

Good Life Project Episode

There is a lot in this episode on success at making any change. He talks about how people often fail to take the opportunity cost of the change into account.