Roadtesters Wanted

I am creating a short two-week online course in giving up sugar, and I am looking for a small number of roadtesters. It is free to participate, but you must fully commit to this process and be available for two short Skype or Facetime sessions at the beginning and end.

The Roadtesting period starts on Monday 6th March 2017 and participation is by application only.

Apply here


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About Harriet Morris 

For 30 years I was a sugar addict. The price I paid for those 10 minute-long chocolate highs was weight gain, mood swings, brain fog, irritability, PMT to rival Attila The Hun, a mouthful of fillings and a deep sense of shame and inadequacy. Even mild stress would send me straight to the nearest supermarket, into the arms of a family sized dessert I would devour in a matter of minutes.

The price was my quality of life.

A price I wasn’t prepared to pay, but like a gambler in debt to a loan shark, I had no idea how to stop paying.

Diets, detoxes, willpower. All failed. Supplements. Failed. Self-help books. The law of attraction. Hypnotherapy. Fail, fail, fail.

So what changed for me? In short, things got so bad that I just HAD to make a change. By trial and error, I found crafty and creative ways to overcome the resistance inside me.

Within 8 weeks I knew I had won.

How so?

Because I turned my sugar addiction on its head and used giving up as a tool to reclaim my life. I trained in eating psychology, and now I help others liberate themselves from their eating hell.