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Introduction: The Feet with a Mind of Their Own

In this toolkit I am going to hand you some powerful strategies you can use TODAY to  turn your struggle into an adventure.

You know when you see recovering alcoholics who not only give up the drink, but turn their entire life around and use going dry as the springboard to reclaiming their power?

This is what we can do with our cravings.

Whether you see yourself as a lifelong compulsive binge eater whose existence is ruled by their obsession with food, or whether you consider yourself to just be getting a little too fond of food X, this toolkit can help you.

Ideas to Help Kids: Make It Fun

Included are some ideas to help any kids in your life resist junk food in a simple, empowering way that is based on turning this challenge into a game. Access it here:

Why We Get Cravings

Tool 1: Einstein’s Secret

Tool 2: Text Salvation

Tool 3: The $64,000 Question

Everyone I have ever asked The $64,000 question to answers yes.

To understand why this seemingly head-in-the-clouds question is actually key to using food to reclaiming your life, we need to unearth the second question hidden beneath this first.

Here it is:

If you are able to walk away from that junk for money, even when you feel utterly compulsive, then every time you have ever given in to your cravings, has it been due to inability to resist or a choice not to resist?

The answer is that you always have a choice.

I am not saying this to make you feel bad. I know how hard that choice can be. But isn't it better to know you have the power to make a different choice rather than the story you have been telling yourself all these years that you are just not good enough, broken, defective and at heart lazy?

I know you do not have $64,000 to bribe yourself to walk away every time you feel compulsive around food. That was a thought exercise to get you thinking.

Think of the $64,000 as very intense support to get you to use text salvation, or whichever cravings buster suits you. To make that tough choice.

But here is the good news: you don't actually need a big cash bribe to do the right thing every time.

You just need something that is emotionally exciting enough to pull you out of your slavery to the dopamine/serotonin urge.

Ask yourself: what else would get me to make the right choice?

For example, my clients have had a lot of success using daily check ins with me. Just five minutes at the end if the day, knowing that someone was there to support and make them accountable, is enough to divert them from the mad dash into the deli.

In the end it comes down to training: whether you like it or not, you have been training yourself for years to give in to the most popular source of serotonin available in your environment: junk food. You have trained yourself to put up with the pricetag: mood swings, brain fog, excess weight, tooth decay, PMT, high blood pressure, fatigue - to name but a few.

I call this unconscious self-training.

Channeling your cravings and making the choice to tap into your power to say no instead involves consciously training yourself. It IS uncomfortable - that is why many people need my support via coaching.

But then something wonderful happens. You reach a point where you no longer need to train yourself consciously, where doing the right thing becomes automatic, effortless.

This effortlessness happens because the more times you repeat an action, the more your brain starts thinking it is a good idea because the brain sees that this repeated choice has not killed you, so it figures you must be safe. And because it need sto free up your conscious mind for other new situations and problems, it moves the action of walking away from the junk instead of taking it to the cash till automatic.

This was what was happening when my feet turned and walked away of their own accord that day.

So let me ask you: which kind of training do you choose? The unconscious kind, that keeps you stuck in self-blame and self-sabotage, or conscious training that has an end point of on average eight to twelve weeks if you do it properly, and leads to effortlessly doing what you have been longing to achieve for years, and inspires you to live your life as it should be lived?

If you are interested in one-to-one coaching, find out more about how you can experience up to a 95% reduction in your binge eating, sugar addiction or compulsive behaviour around food  without feeling deprived or bad about yourself here: