Natural Antidepressants Audiobook

Want to feel better without suffering any side effects? Need help getting the energy up to help yourself? This audiobook is for you.


A series of small experiments in feeling better via what you think, what you eat, and what you do...all in baby steps.


This product is unavailable at this time  - apologies.  It will be available in the next few weeks. To thank you for your patience, if you email info {at} with the subject line 'NAD 25% Off ' I will give you 25% off when it is re-released. Harriet Morris

Is it possible to stop feeling so depressed - without having to take anti-depressants?

This audiobook offers 8 alternatives that need no prescription: some you consume, some you think, and others require you to take small actions with no commitment. Most are free or low-cost. They cannot promise to end your depression - but they can ease it and empower you to reclaim your life from that dark cloud  that seems to follow you around.


  • Natural antidepressants that tap into your brain's feelgood factory
  • Which of these require little effort and take effect fast
  • How failure can be success
  • The ones that give your mind a rest from catastrophising
  • How to challenge your depressive thinking - without wishy washy positive thinking and other well-intentioned but doomed approaches
  • The one that costs less than a pound or dollar, works in minutes, and you can get in any supermarket
  • The one that you will find in your bathroom
  • What an anti-depressant diet is, and how to try it out in baby steps

How Is This Audiobook Different?

Google 'natural antidepressants' and you will find lots of information. But what if you haven't even got the energy or will to use the suggestions you read about? For example, one of the top results suggests waiting (for your low mood to go away). However correct this is, will it make you feel better in the moment?

How is this audiobook different? Because it is not just about information, it is about implementation. Some of the ideas (such as exercise) are ones you will have heard of,  but we focus on a way to get yourself just to start exercising. It's not quite the same as taking a motivation pill to brainwash yourself into action, but it's the nearest thing!

There are also ways of thinking that sidestep idiotic advice like Just think positive that only someone who has never suffered with depression would dare to say to you.