The Money Challenge

This is a way to draw more money to yourself. It is a project based on making your intention and alignment with that money stronger. There is nothing external like selling to do (unless that is part of your work anyway), and you don't have to read The Secret either! It takes very little time every day, and can bring hundreds or thousands of $ or £ extra in. Examples of some of the results are below.


How It Works...

#1 The challenge takes place over 100 days. Decide how much extra money you would like during that time.

#2 Work out how much you are expecting eg from your salary. Include benefit/welfare payments. If you have a business or are not sure what is coming in to live on , then write down what you are expecting in the next 100 days, or a good guess as what you will probably have coming in.

#3 The total you are intending is what you are expecting (or what you need to live on) plus what you want. Eg Chris wants to have an extra £1000 in the 100 days. Her salary plus expected Air bnb/side hustle income (from bookings already made) will be £5000 during that time.  (If she has already been paid, she should not count that money).

Therefore her total she is intending is £6000.

#4 Now you are going to do the money challenge by incorporating it into your scripting. In my experience, success comes down to three factors:

1 - Measuring

2 - Gratitude

3 - Allowing

The scripting takes care mostly of #1 and #2, and to a certain extent, #3.

Part 3 - allowing - is usually the bit people have to work on, and inability to tackle this is the reason that some will drop the money challenge. Tackling resistance to allowing is the reason that others will succeed.

How To Do This In Your Scripting

Here is an example page of scripting including the money challenge. 

It's Coming = a space to write in any opportunities or synchronicities that signal more money coming in.

It's here - actual money you receive that day OR anything anyone gives you - write down the equivalent value. Just guess if you are not sure.

R = I have replaced £ with R for resources.

Leave both sections blank until the end of the day.

A Suggested Routine

A good routine for your scripting is:


#A Script the day, preferably the night before.


#B Either straight after scripting or the next morning, do some theta affirmations - about that day’s 3 intentions AND the ‘ticker tape’ general ones (eg everyone accepts me). The ticker tape ones will build up so I go through most if not all of these at this point.


#C Just before you do your scripting for the following day, get a different coloured pen and make short notes about how far your intentions actually came into being like this:

Note that for number 3 (which didn't happen) I left it blank (no notes) which allows that intention to happen another day. I never ever write a single negative statement in my scripting book.

Results (for different people)

R450 unexpected extra adoption payment

R13,000 unexpected pension fund payment 

Extra clients (Harriet)

Wanting to buy something frivolous for R150, telling myself to wait, then 2 hours later someone bought my Freedom From Sugar course + coaching...for R150 (Harriet)

Getting extra shifts at a nannying job

(Related to scripting) Writing a cheque for R7,000 to themselves then 2 days later getting a R7,000 windfall 

Deciding to run a third retreat on Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday getting enquiries about it (Harriet)


I like to replace the currency symbols £ or $ or whatever yours is with R, which stands for resources. If we see all money as resources, we accept more of it because resources must always be used for something.

It is a great idea to plan exactly how you will spend the extra money you intend, because that is truly aligning it with being a resource.

If you are not sure of eg what you need to live on, then JUST GUESS. At least this way you are showing life you can manage resources/money.

On that note, if you do not usually attend to your finances, start making that a habit. The intention is more powerful than being a perfect budgeter here.

Be careful who you discuss this challenge with. people will often bring their own unresolved issues with money to the table. I tell very few people.

The more consistent you are, the better. However I have taken breaks from this scripting eg when on holiday and it has still brought more resources to me.

Be humble. Both scripting and the money challenge are tools to help you step up...they are NOT some kind of crappy cosmic order form where your ego gets what it wants. I have a pretty consistent 2 out of 3 ‘success rate’ at the moment. I hesitate to use that term, because I believe that when we DON’T get our intentions realised there is a goldmine of information in that apparent failure. I always ask in these instances: OK, how am I not yet aligned with that result? What do I need to do to step up?

If you share finances with someone, you could include their income in the 100 day total. However my married friend who has also been doing scripting for a while, does not do that and she has had awesome success with scripting. I think the best thing to do is what feels most powerful for you. I would never in a million years have included my ex’s income had I started scripting when we were together, because money was such a source of bitterness between us.