Mindshift Intro Session 

"There must be something wrong with me" surfaces as beliefs such as:

I am not good enough

I am not worthy

I don't belong

I am not perfect

I am not capable

I am not significant 

Children tend to continue to hold these beliefs in adulthood, and try to fix themselves to get rid of the pain of holding the belief.

What have you done in your life to try to fix yourself?

Recognition via qualifications?

Overserving others and people pleasing?

Suffering through neglecting your own needs, finding the hardest way to do things?

Relationships with people who used you?

You are fine as you are right now

There is no need to fix yourself

If it were true, then none of these people would have achieved anything

Take a goal you have and imagine it is the beach bar (B). The house (A) is where you are now.

The sad face is your resistance. It makes you sabotage and end up back where you started.

Instead, let's take as a starting point that you are fine as you are. Your problem is not you, but your resistance. If we can treat the resistance, you can continue on and get to your goal.

The Process of Resistance Shifting 



Big reduction in anxiety

Reduction in suicidal thoughts

Processing of trauma

A better relationship with coworkers

Improvement in mobility

People pleasers: ease in standing up for themselves

Confidence parenting and in dating