The One-Minute Thought Experiment to Calm Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Here is something you can do about your Coronavirus anxiety – immediately.


If you give me five minutes of your time, I will give you an anxiety-calming tool that takes less than 60 seconds to implement. It costs nothing, and you can do this anywhere. You could even get away with this in the middle of a stressful meeting about COVID-19, and nobody will notice. It is not meditation, EFT or deep breathing.


Here is an audio version of this article if you prefer to listen instead of read:



Before I explain exactly what this thought experiment is, let’s imagine anxiety as a merry-go-round (or should I say unmerry-go-round).

Anxiety looks at a problem and circles it. Not only does it fail to respond to that problem, but it starts disabling your higher creative thinking, which is so vital when it comes to the complex problems of the world in 2020.

Anxiety also makes you susceptible to the profit-driven hysteria of the press. Cue more anxiety.

You never get anywhere with anxiety as your tool to deal with Coronavirus. All it does is let you fool yourself that your state of hypervigilance is justified.

Of course we need to be vigilant with the present COVID-19 situation. What I am saying is that hypervigilance, which means fretting beyond what is useful, increases our stress levels to the point where we cannot respond effectively. This is when stress can start to put an extra unneccsary load on our immune system, which is something that everyone needs to be functioning as effectively as possible right now.
The reason that so many people are prone to anxiety comes down to a failure to undesrtand and manage their Cavebrain, or the ancient, primitive part of our mind that was designed for our ancestors. We will automatically switch to Cavebrain mode when we sense a threat: fight, flight or freeze are the department of Cavebrain.
Here’s the thing: Cavebrain was designed to deal with direct, immediate threats. Sabre-toothed tigers. Neighbouring tribes. Extreme weather events.

Coronavirus is, for most people, an indirect threat.

We are lucky that we are living in a world where we can put measures into place to reduce our chances of contracting Coronavirus. Our cavedwelling ancestors would have been exposed to it as a tribe.

The Antidote To Anxiety

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