Memo from Your Ex-Shame

You do know the thing, right?

The thing that you desperately hope nobody will ever find out about.

The thing your inner critic has a field day with.

"They will never accept you because of THIS"  inner critic cackles.

And you know what to do when you hear that toxic voice, right?

Share your shame.

Here's mine: fasting has changed my health and my life AND I still have weight to lose. Picture below:

~ Instagram influencers, arrest that woman!

Michael reversed type II diabetes and I helped him fit intermittent fasting into his busy family life more easily. He said

“Harriet made intermittent fasting easier for me and I actually feel more relaxed about it. She also supported me by suggesting organizational changes and reframes that are helping me to make the most of fasting. I now do different seasons of IF, which fits perfectly.”

I helped him do that AND I've still got weight to lose.

~ Inner Critic, pass the gagging order NOW! Harriet HAS to be silenced!

My lifelong IBS had gone, my mobility issues are significantly easier, I have eradicated my joint stiffness, I know I was on that long road to diabetes myself and I am walking away from it, I got out of my lockdown depression and my ability to focus is much better….all because of fasting. Oh yes, and I'm losing weight - slowly. Without regaining any.

I did all that AND I am not a size zero.

(Moment of clarity enters stage left)

Oh look, my shame now appears to be my EX-shame.

Share your deepest source of discomfort about yourself publicly, and watch it wither on the vine. Because the people who need your help want more than anything to be understood - and nothing accomplishes that more than a memo like this.

You can start this massively liberating process by asking yourself what your 15-year-old self was most embarrassed about. Was it actually worth worrying about? Could your deepest shame today be the same?