Shapeshifting 2020

About Me 

You may be looking at all this and saying to yourself:

“Yes Harriet, this is all very well, but you are no size zero, are you?”

Full disclosure: this programme has been created out of my own recent experience shapeshifting. It’s still ongoing.

Most programmes to help you reach this goal are offered by someone who has 100% achieved what you are working on. (This may be part of the reason they do not work...because that person does not understand your resistance to what you crave).

This is different. I am still in the process of shapeshifting.

The process of reclaiming my life from binge eating and sugar addiction meant that I shapeshifted as a side effect: 3 dress sizes to be exact. This is why I called my website The Shift Inside...because real, sustainable, external change is impossible without internal transformation. 

In the last 18 months, I have experienced two things that have  affected my size.

First of all, I had some mobility issues which meant that it was difficult to walk anywhere at times.

Secondly I hit the menopause, one result of which was that I felt like my metabolism was flatlining. Even though I have been virtually 100% free of the menopausal symptoms my friends are suffering (I believe because I am almost totally sugar free) the drop in my energy levels has been noticeable.

For a long time over 2018 and 2019, my body felt like a mystery - and not a fun, intriguing one. Instead, it felt like I was living in a container that I didn’t understand, a machine for which I had lost the operating manual,  one that I could no longer walk very far in.

Then in February, a horrible thing happened...

...that was a huge blessing in disguise. 

I decided to make a video for my website. I had spent too long hiding behind my podcasting mic and decided that an Eating Coach who hides away from the world is not the person I wanted to be.

When I sat down to edit it, I fell off a cliff. It was hard to look at.

But being me, I was fascinated at the same time.

That day led me to develop my online programme The Body Confident Project. It helped me change the focus of what improving my body is from the disempowering Be Less of mainstream culture, to something much more powerful. Resilience. Strength.

This shift in focus led to a 95% reduction in my mobility issues. My hips and knees are - apart from the odd twinge - now entirely pain free. In August I took my kids to London for the weekend where we walked. And we walked. And then walked some more!

This in turn has meant that I have been able to increase the amount of physical activity I do.

And because I am more neutral about my body, the meaning of exercise - and indeed shapeshifting - has changed for me. 

The relationship I have with my body is now about resilience, strength (both physical and emotional) and managing life.

Imagine if shapeshifting stopped being about trying to guilt yourself into change and instead became a beautiful tool to live stronger every day for you?

That reaching your ideal size was just the beginning of a better life for you?

And the menopause? Well, I still have the reduced energy levels of this stage of life. You can’t fight Mother Nature.

But in the last couple of months, I can feel my shirts getting looser and my tight jeans are not so tight. And now I am excited to see if what has worked for me can work for you too. 

Am I the right person to guide you through this challenge? Only you can decide. Treat this as an experiment for the start of 2020 and take advantage of the January taster price of less than a cup of coffee a day. 

Apply today and get to the front of the queue to take advantage of the January taster price, which equals less than half a cup of coffee a day. That gets you:

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