What has Matt Damon got to teach us about weight loss?

Watch this scene from Good Will Hunting and then I’ll tell you…

The point here is that Will (played by Damon), the maths genius, is cocky, full of himself and starts out able to cut any ideas that his therapist (Robin Williams) has down to size.

What he doesn’t have is any idea of what he actually wants – and it leaves him in a mental & emotional corner.

If all you are focusing on with weight loss is what you hate (your stomach, the number on the scale, your reflection in the mirror) you are left with precious few options for creating the shape and life you do want.

The trick here is not to try to obliterate all negative thinking from your mind, but reframe those I don’t want thoughts. For example:

I hate my stomach can become I want a flatter stomach

Change Why have I gained 2lb? Aaaaaargh! to How can I get that number down?

Ugh! Look at me. What a mess! – reframe as Who do I want to be?

Rephrasing these emotional hand grenades you keep chucking at yourself isn’t easy (I know you’ve had years of practise perfecting them) – but the human mind is an infinitely changeable thing.

Harriet Morris