a unique 90 minute online masterclass

A Binge-Free Christmas?
Yes, even in 2020!

Discover the hidden secrets to getting through the festive season without the misery of binge  eating 

Sunday 13th December 7.30 -9pm GMT

Can't make it? The masterclass will recorded for you to keep along with all the bonuses

Doors are now closed and tickets are no longer available

Do you want to discover:

The hidden opportunity to ease binge eating that COVID presents this year 
Recipes for easy & delicious sweet treats that actually prevent sugar cravings
How to turn this issue into a doorway for change 

Doors Close In

This Masterclass is for you if:

Christmas has always created extra pressure on you to either put on a happy face, or to make a special time 100% perfect
2020 will be especially tough for you because of the COVID restrictions
It's hard to say no to all the junk food lying around everywhere
You take on the responsibility for everyone else's happiness...at your own expense

What You'll Learn:

Planning Ahead

On the call you will have the chance to brainstorm and identify the times most likely to lead to compulsive eating and use the other strategies to binge-proof yourself without deprivation or feeling bad

One Question

The question that will help you connect with an inner strength you didn't know you had. Just asking yourself this stops you slipping into people pleasing and running around after everyone else. It also helps you be the role model for any children and young people  in your life

Calm Your Inner Food Rebel

There is one part of you masterminding  your Christmas binges: your Inner Food Rebel. Find out how to stop the overtime it usually puts in every December.

Ten Anti-Binge Sweet Treats

Make no mistake: if you have a sweet tooth, you  cannot make Yuletide binge-free without replacements. There are many supposedly sugar-free recipes out there, many of them as unhealthy as table sugar. The great news is that it  is possible to not only find healthy replacements, but ones that contain two ingredients that make binge eating more difficult. Yes, that last sentence is NOT a typo. In the masterclass, I explain what these ingredients are, and provide a link to the recipes for 10 simple sweet treats to ward off cravings. 

C. L. U. R. P. S.

C. L. U. R. P. S. is the rudder that will steer you through all the eating challenges of this time of year. Discover what these 6 magical letters stand for, and how they take a boatload of unnecessary struggle off your shoulders.

Bonus #1: The Holiday Survival Kit

A daily dose of audio inspiration that will last you from 23rd december right through to New Year's Day.  These recordings last a few minutes each, and will keep your spirits up when you start flagging.

Bonus #2: Ten Easy Anti-Binge Sweet Treat Recipes

Ten easy-to-follow and quick-to-make sweet treat recipes with ingredients you can buy in most supermarkets that will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but dampen your sugar cravings. Designed for those who hate cooking!

About Harriet

Harriet is The Eating Coach, and has been helping women and men reclaim their lives from food for over 7 years. Her podcast, The Eating Coach, has has over 200,000 downloads and she has appeared on shows such as Entrepreneur on Fire.

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