Macronutrient Balance

An Inner Shift

Please watch this even if you are well acquainted with this term. Macronutrient imbalance can cause serious self-sabotage!

Nb PMT is known as PMS in some countries 

What Happens If You Don't Eat All 3 Of These Macronutrients?

The most common consequence is that your body will respond to this lack of nutrition by screaming at you in the form of cravings.


Unfortunately, it cannot communicate with you in the way that would be most useful. If only we started craving avocados when we were low on healthy fat!


No, what it is most likely to do is to scream for carbohydrates - because it is in an energy emergency...


...and the type of carbohydrates that give you the fastest energy hit...


  • Sugar in any form, but especially when mixed with fat (maybe because the fat feels calming) 

  • Desserts

  • White flour products


Can you see how ensuring you get all three sources of nourishment in the first half of the day can prevent sugar and junk cravings later in the day?


2 Great Ways To  Increase Macronutrient Balance- especially if you are craving sugar 

The short answer is to make my smoothie recipe 

and /or my sugar free chocolate cake

The long answer is to look through the resources below.

Click here to see example meals