hazsharpOne of my favourite episodes of the old sitcom Cheers is where Sam, the recovering alcoholic bar owner, lends his lucky bottle top to a young baseball player in a slump.

Long story short – the player loses the bottle top. This is more disastrous than it seems when it turns out that the bottle top had huge significance for Sam – it was from the last ever alcoholic drink he had, and a lucky talisman for his recovery.beertop

The scene is unforgettable – extremely tense and poignant – as Sam pours himself a beer and stares at it for what seems like eternity. Will he drink it?

The tension is broken as he slides the beer down the bar to Diane and says “Well, I guess I gave him the wrong bottletop!”

SO…what’s this got to do with weight loss?

Well, the fact is that any kind of big life change (and this is a big change, right?) is never a smooth upward 45 degree line on a graph. If it were, the diet industry would not be worth the billions that it is.

Ask yourself how you can take what looks like the (imminent or recent) defeat of your goal and move past it, accept that there are bumps in the road. Only you can determine if they’ll make you merely swerve or drive off the edge of the road.