Are You Worried About Your Child's Eating?

a very special time-limited offer

With Eating Coach Harriet Morris

Has food become a source of tension in your family?

Is your son or daughter bullied because of their appearance?

Are you feeling guilty about the amount of sugar they eat?

Do you feel powerless to change your child's eating habits?

Is poor body image an issue?

Do they feel too embarrassed to exercise?

I can help. As an ex-compulsive eater and sugar addict (from the age of 12 to my early forties), eating psychology coach and mum of two boys aged 11 and 8, I have a unique and rare set of skills and the personal experience to help change how your child or teenager eats and exercises.


I have helped dozens of clients and course participants empower themselves through changing their eating habits. Over 25,000 people have watched my YouTube videos and I have appeared on podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, which has 2 million listeners a month. 


Up to this point I have worked only with adults, but I now want to open up my coaching to help parents empower their children. 


Special Offer

 Because this type of coaching is new to me, I am for a limited time offering a few free 90 minute sessions for any parent or carer who is worried about their child's eating habits. These sessions are by application only, because they are as much a fact-finding experience for me as valuable help for you. (I have had some real success changing my own children's eating habits, and now I want to know if the strategies that work with them work with any young person). Therefore I am looking for parents who are willing to talk frankly and honestly to me about their struggles in this area. 


What To Do Now

If you want to find out more, please email me at info {at} with 'Parent's Coaching' as your subject line and answering these questions:

#1 Please describe the problems your child/teenager  is having with food

#2 What have you tried already (if anything) to deal with these challenges ?

#3 What time zone are you in?