Shapeshifting Inside and Out: The Journal

Journalling has been shown to boost people’s psychological and physical well-being. It helps you to organise your thoughts and record your progress with the ideas in Shapeshifting Inside and Out.

With 50 powerful questions – at least one for each chapter of the book – the journal comes in a 50 page PDF. You can simply print it out and write on it: alternatively all the questions are listed at the end if you prefer to journal in your own hard-backed notebook or on the computer.

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The Shapeshifting Inside and Out Journal offers these unique benefits:

* A springboard to develop your own unique insights based on the material in the book

* Reframe your own set-in-stone failures as stuck freeze response and unconscious stage two ‘projects’, let the guilt go – and work out how to turn them into the raw materials for change

* A 24/7 and completely cost-free tool

* Create a vision of what life in stage three might look like, a then work out your own roadmap for turning that vision into reality

* Get to know your own Sabotage You, Primitive You – and the other energies in your mind. Journalling will allow you to  uncover the hidden ways they are showing up in your thoughts and actions. You can then start the process of getting each one to serve you better – or get back in its rocking chair 😉

* Give your Lost Child the voice she or he so desperately needs

* An underrated way to deal with cravings and emotional overwhelm. What better way to stick it to Sabotage You when she is hypnotising you into going to bed via the scenic route (ie the fridge)?

* Identify common patterns that you need to be aware of in order to dismantle them 

* Journalling is the only tool that can really show you how far you’ve come. It’s easy to feel you are standing still because coming out of freeze response/stage two, and moving to stage three can be a start-stop process. There is untold value in re reading your journal from a few months ago, and seeing just how much more resilient you have become, how things that used to bother you are no biggie nowadays.

* If you want to use your experiences to help others by writing your own story one day, keeping a journal is indispensable. Make no mistake, you WILL forget even the biggest A-Ha moments.

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