What If You Had No Opportunity?

an Inner Shift

I am not a fan of Britain's Got Talent, but while my kids were watching it this weekend my attention was caught by one teenage girl's story. I can only describe her dancing as angry. You will see why I say this when you watch the clip.

Some questions to think about and journal on:

Do you agree that this girl's dancing was angry? If not, how would you describe it?


Do you agree that her rage at her condition has released her from victimhood?


Can you think of any times when you were angry and it created positive change? (A major function of anger is repairing boundaries that are too soft)


How could anger help you right now to repair any boundaries in relationships?


Many people believe that they are unable to change their eating issues or other seemingly intractable problems. Can you see how that perception of inability is completely different from this girl's imminent inability to dance? It is a question of internal vs external obstacles. What were your internal obstacles to change before you started this coaching programme?


How has your perception of your own ability to tackle your eating issues changed since you started eating coaching?