Theta Instructions

an Inner Shift

Important: You can play this audio very low and it will still be effective. Feel free to turn the volume down!

Theta instructions are a way to install any belief or new habit into our subconscious. We can also use them to help recover from some difficult experiences, such as a romantic rejection or being passed over for promotion.


I personally use them almost everyday, and tack this practise onto the end of my meditation. I change the instructions according to challenges and habits I need to focus on the most at any particular time.


How They Work

Our subconscious is like a blind and stubborn bouncer. It does what we tell it to.


For example, you may tell yourself “I just cannot exercise after a long day at work”or that it is impossible to rearrange your morning to exercise before work. You just have NO TIME to meditate. You cannot manage without processed sugar. You’ll never find love again and all the people on online dating sites are fakes.


These statements are all instructions to your subconscious to not exercise or meditate or to keep eating processed sugar and to sabotage any attempts at online dating.


Theta instructions do the opposite. You very intentionally instruct the subconscious to accept whatever statement, belief, habit etc serves you.


I have found in my own experience and with clients that there are two types of instruction that work:


This is a simple statement. For example:
I am safe
People accept me


These have two parts, and give a specific action for you to do


Now it is safe to be as strong and fit as possible, I allow myself to do one hour’s exercise a day that makes me out of breath and sweat.


Now it is OK to eat breakfast, I am excited to have a protein smoothie for breakfast.



NB Try these different phrases instead of/as well as I allow myself to or I am excited to. Whichever speaks to you or feels most powerful is the right one to use!

I give myself permission to

I can't wait to

I'm really looking forward to

It's OK to



IMPORTANT: In your sessions we will have discussed the importance of not making the instruction too ambitious, because your internal resistance will be too powerful. For example “I love my body”is far too ambitious for most people, but “My arms and legs are strong” is more acceptable and good basis for: “Because my arms and legs are strong and I accept them, I am looking forward to the gym on MondayWednesday and Friday at 7pm


NOTE! In the last sentence, you are giving a very specific instruction about your exercise. I have found this to be a bit like a magic pill. My commitments mean I cannot always be so timetabled in my exercise, but when I can be, I find myself with what feels like a natural urge to go exercise at the time I have instructed my subconscious!


For example

It was OK to forget Steve’s birthday, because I have made amends. I am safe. People accept me.



When we are stressed, our subconscious shuts its doors to these instructions. The theta audio, because it slows down your brainwaves, relaxes you and opens those doors. Imagine you want something from your partner or best friend when they are grumpy and irritable. You know that if you give them a massage they will be much more receptive to your request. The theta audio is that massage.



#1 Define the new habit or belief you want to install. Write it down. I usually have four or five statements at any one time I work on.


#2 Play the theta audio with earbuds or headphones. Take a deep breath and say your first statement out loud.


#3 Take another deep breath and repeat that statement twice.


#4 Now do the same for your other statements.


#5 Repeat once or twice a day


At the start, make one of your instructions a habit that you resist but not too much.


Do not consciously force yourself to do any action specified. Focus on the theta instruction for that action once or twice a day, and just see if it feels easier to do.


I found this audio - it is delta waves, which you naturally produce in sleep. I just tried it out doing my theta affirmations, but found it a bit too powerful! It may be useful if you are in a very anxious state. Please let me know how YOU get on with it, I'd be fascinated to hear.