14 Days to Freedom from SugarĀ 

Real and Fake Pleasure

This video talks about shedding weight, but even if that is not your goal, it is still a hugely important distiction to understand.


We need to understand the difference between REAL PLEASURE and FAKE

Put a R next to real pleasure activities and a F next to the fake ones.


1. Wasting time (Facebook, chatting) during work hours (then worrying
about work all weekend).


2. The satisfaction of completing all your work the day before you go on


3. Eating 2 biscuits from a packet.


4. Eating a whole packet of biscuits.


5. Eating slowly.


6. Eating fast.


7. Natural high after exercise.


8. Rationing TV so you only watch programmes you love.


9. Endless TV evenings.


10.Gym memberships, clothes, DVDs, electrical goods that you love
buying but hardly use.

Where do you experience real pleasure with food?

Where do you experience fake pleasure with food?